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Step into retirement with confidence and clarity. Our skilled Financial Architects are dedicated to guiding you in crafting a path to your golden years, prioritizing both security and fulfillment. Let us help you in planning your retirement journey starting today.
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Proactive Tax Planning to Help

Protect Your Retirement Income

Tax planning for retirement is harder than you think — specially when you can’t predict future tax rates and laws. When you work with us, we’ll show you strategies for managing taxes in your investments, health care and estate.

Protect Retirement Income
Sound Fiscal House

Design Your Sound Fiscal House

During our Sound Fiscal House process, we will create your financial blueprint to make sure that your fiscal house can help you weather any retirement storm and deliver the retirement you’ve dreamed of.

Build your financial Blueprint!

We’re here to help you achieve your retirement goals. At EFC, we believe everyone should experience a healthy, happy, and prosperous retirement.

Build your financial Blueprint!
Build Retirement Analysis!

Build your own Retirement Analysis!

9 simple questions could help you have piece of mind when it comes to your retirement income. Start the journey today!


EFC Wealth Sound Fiscal House Retirement Strategies

We are on a mission to inform, empower and co-create an exceptional experience for our clients and their families. Using our 6-point building process, we help families build a sound fiscal house today that provides a legacy for their families tomorrow.


Meet the Architect

Our Process begins with clarifying your goals. What does retirement look like for you?


Financial Appraisal

Once we know where we’re going, then it’s time to understand what we’re working with. What has been set aside to build your sound fiscal house?


Reveal the Cracks

Our Financial Architects stress test your current fiscal house to reveal cracks that may hinder you from achieving your retirement goals.


Fund Construction

At this stage, we move assets under our management and begin the sound fiscal house building process.


Design Your House

Midway through construction, we do a walk through with you of the sound fiscal house blueprint to make sure that the house we’ve designed matches and delivers the retirement you’ve dreamed of.


Move-in Day

Time to pick up the keys! In this visit, we equip you with a detailed financial blueprint that includes your custom income plan, your tax strategy plan, a detailed risk analysis, your estate planning process and your client review schedule.


The Retirement Game

  • Understand the 5 Stages of Retirement Planning
  • Learn How to Help Your Taxes Go Down in Retirement
  • The 7 Questions Every Retiree Needs to Ask Their Financial Advisor
  • How the Retirement Game Really Works
Retirement Game Book

Chief Financial Architect


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Social Security

Social Security Decisions Reports

With this 10-page instant download, you’ll discover:

  • Why poor planning could cost you
  • Who you should consult with first
  • How Medicare should factor in your decison

Are you paying too much in retirement?

A big threat is looming on the horizon, and most people are ignoring it:

  • Taxes on your IRA and 401K
  • Taxes on your social security benefits
  • Taxes on your investment income

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