EFC Wealth Sound Fiscal House Retirement Strategy

Creating your Sound Fiscal House to help you achieve the retirement you and your family deserve.

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EFC Wealth Sound Fiscal House Retirement Strategy

EFC Wealth Sound Fiscal House Strategy involves a systematic approach starting with the alignment of your emotional and financial goals, which we help identify during our thorough Meeting of the Minds Discovery Meeting.

While tailored investment management is a possible strategy tool used to provide income throughout the retirement years. Understanding the emotion involved in investing or retiring from a company after 30 years will play a significant role in your decisions.

Our hands-on approach to Wealth Management includes initial and ongoing strategic planning and the assessment of risk level while identifying products and strategies that can generate income for retirement.

Design and Implement Your Sound Fiscal House

Like any great building, we start with a solid foundation and an efficient, well-crafted blueprint. Having a solid wealth management plan streamlines and provides structure to your financial decision-making process. Your plan defines the pathway through which we will work with you to help you pursue financial goals.

This plan is created in the true sense of partnership, us with the experience to help guide your investment decisions and you with the emotional input to help co-create a strategy that helps you instill confidence in your retirement plan. Our planning process uses the metaphor of create a Sound Fiscal House that will weather any storm.

We take pride in building your custom Sound Fiscal House

Our planning process consists of six steps.

Everyone deserves a sound fiscal house to help them achieve their retirement goals. Let our financial architects help you build yours.

Stage 01 Meet the Architect

Our Process begins with clarifying your goals. What does retirement look like for you?

Stage 02 Financial Appraisal

Once we know where we’re going, then it’s time to understand what we’re working with. What has been set aside to build your sound fiscal house?

Stage 03 Reveal the Cracks

Our Financial Architects stress test your current fiscal house to reveal cracks that may hinder you from achieving your retirement goals.

Stage 04 Fund Construction

At this stage, we move assets under our management and begin the sound fiscal house building process.

Stage 05 Design Your House

Midway through construction, we do a walk through with you of the sound fiscal house blueprint to make sure that the house we’ve designed matches and delivers the retirement you’ve dreamed of.

Stage 06 Move-In Day

Time to pick up the keys! In this visit, we equip you with a detailed financial blueprint that includes your custom income plan, your tax strategy plan, a detailed risk analysis, your estate planning process and your client review schedule.

We are aware that as life changes, money changes; also as money changes, life changes. As part of our wealth management process, we speak with or meet with you regularly to understand any changes in your life that might affect your financial health or modify your original goals.

Sometimes that means planning to help a new grandchild, an aging parent, or even just deciding whether the money is there to take the whole family on an extended vacation. When it comes to your financial well-being, we work with you to stay abreast of the ups and downs of your financial position, your personal life and your portfolio, and make suggestions for adjustments through periodic updates and quarterly reviews. Welcome to the family.

Our process is designed to help you design and implement your sound fiscal house



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