Meet the EFC Team

Our simple question we asked our team is “How Many Lives have you helped today”. The team behind EFC Wealth Management is inspired to make a difference in our clients lives.

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Partners Cory & Delilah Chapman maintain the day-to-day decision to help the EFC family of businesses continued success. Our family style boutique firm has helped hundreds of clients looking for that personal touch when it comes to the development of a sound retirement plan.

Financial Architects

A licensed Fiduciary Advisors establish client meetings with the New Business and Client Services teams in order to conduct portfolio construction, analysis and strategy.

The EFC Elite Team

Our Elite team comprises of client service representatives who help maintain relationships with new and existing clients. Our New accounts members focus on the new client onboarding process and works closely with both the new client and financial architects. Our marketing members focuses on establishing relationships with potential clients and coordinates appointments with the right financial architect. Our Financial Assistant helps to keep the Chief Financial Architect up to date on day to day responsibilities and administrative activities.

Estate, Tax and Real Estate Team

We are proud to collaborate with esteemed strategic partners who, although independent and operating their own enterprises, are not directly associated with EFC Wealth Management or EFC Wealth Group. Each has undergone thorough due diligence by our management to ensure alignment with our high standards. Their specialized knowledge greatly enhances our comprehensive planning strategy, and we consider their involvement a significant asset. At EFC Wealth Management, we understand that navigating the complexities of estate planning, tax optimization, and real estate transactions can be daunting. That’s why we’ve carefully curated a team of exceptional experts in these fields to help you achieve your financial and property goals with confidence. Our Estate, Tax, and Real Estate Team comprises dedicated professionals who not only excel in their respective domains but also operate their own businesses, earning them our utmost trust and endorsement. Rest assured, they’ve been thoroughly vetted, ensuring you receive top-tier guidance and support.


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